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Diary of a collegian

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6.30 am: Met Gauri in the ladies compartment. We started discussing our preparations for the forthcoming exams and then gossiped about all the confirmed (and non-confirmed) couples in class.
3.00 pm: Bunked last lecture. Reached home early and called Gauri from the landline (why waste money on my cell bill, no?)
3.30 pm: Chatted with Gauri on Orkut.
4.30 pm: Mom sent me out to buy some fruits. Gauri called on the cell when I was riding my Scooty. Parked it to one side and gossiped with her for half an hour.
6.30 pm: Was with Gauri on G-Talk for one full hour!
8.30 pm: Mom was talking to Nisha aunty so I called Gauri from my cell. Poor girl is having BF problems and she needed some advice. She chewed my brains for 45 minutes.
10.00 pm: After dinner, chatted with Gauri for half an hour on Facebook. We were enjoying our conversation when spoilsport Dad asked me to shut down the comp. Said I had an early college tomorrow.
Oh, we friends hardly get to speak to each other during the day. But will our parents ever understand?


Written by Raju Bist

March 12, 2010 at 9:53 pm

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