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Shashi Tharoor’s flair for words

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This is the best description of Shashi Tharoor’s flair for words:
Shashi Tharoor’s dexterity with words borders on the sleight-of-the tongue; words slide out of his mouth gracefully and perform parlour tricks worthy of a gifted illusionist. He uses his words as he does his hair; his locks dance and glide sinuously at every camera lens, the charm of hair just that wee bit out of place. Like a too-skilled driver, his words often take him to the wrong places, so fond he is of his own driving. For someone to whom things always came easily, he has got it wrong astonishingly often. Tharoor represents the power of education that resolutely stays skindeep; if it went any deeper, the words would cease to flow so fluidly for they would be tempered with some selfdoubt. As it stands, there is no stemming the flow, and he continues to flounder in the labyrinth of his own vocabulary.
Santosh Desai
A gravy train called the IPL
Times of India, 19 April 2010


Written by Raju Bist

April 19, 2010 at 4:41 pm

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