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Scene in a ladies compartment

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A well-dressed young college girl was sitting in the first class of a Central Railway local train when two lady ticket checkers (TC) got into the compartment along with a lady constable.
TC: Please show me your ticket, maam.
Girl: One minute, I have it here.
(Girl starts going through the contents of her purse).
TC: Will you hurry up?
(Two stations later the girl is still searching).
TC: Do you have a valid ticket or not?
Girl: (Screaming) What do you mean? Of course, I have it! And for your kind information, it is a quarterly pass costing a lot of money. I remember seeing it in my purse just this morning.
(She once again starts looking in her purse and a station later, is still at it).
TC: (Now irritated) Listen young lady, we were supposed to get off at the last station. Now we are reaching Kurla. You will have to get down with us and come to the station master’s office.
Girl: And you listen. I am traveling to the last stop and not getting off anywhere mid-way. I am sure I have my pass somewhere here but am unable to find it. I am ready to pay you a fine.
(TC charges her and gives a receipt).
Girl: (in a very soft voice) Will this be valid for my return journey back home?
TC: (angrily) Yes!
Girl: (in a loud voice, after the railway personnel have left) I don’t know why she was talking so rudely. I never wanted to show her my pass. She was the one who asked for it. These TCs always catch honest, law-abiding people like me.


Written by Raju Bist

April 23, 2010 at 11:57 pm

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