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Namita’s story

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Last week, Namita consumed Baygon insecticide, following an eight-year-old love affair gone sour. But she survived. Last evening she turned up at an elderly family friend’s place and narrated her story:
”Aunty, it’s all over. Sharad is marrying someone else. This, after I had done so much for him all these years. I helped him pay for a bike, put up half of the first installment for his sister’s new flat and also gifted him a Blackberry. He had promised me marriage and often spoke of how happy we would be together for the rest of our lives. Now he is engaged to Sharmila, a girl drawing 45,000 rupees salary per month in the office he joined just three months ago.
”I called up Sharmila and spoke about my eight years with Sharad. She said, ‘Yes, I know all about you. Sharad said he was put off by your incessant demands for sex before marriage. He says you are a woman of loose character and may have affairs after marriage.’ “
Aunty: “This is the problem with all you young people. Often you don’t fall in love but with the idea of falling in love. I remember telling you that Sharad is a gold-digger. One should always be careful about boys who accept gifts or money from their rich girlfriends all the time.”
You are right aunty. I tried breaking off from him on a couple of occasions. But he just wouldn’t let go of me. Once during the monsoons, he stood drenched under my building for five hours at a stretch. Some months later, my parents had fixed up a match for me. He turned up at my house and warned that he would finish all of us if we went ahead with my marriage plans.”
“Anyway, all is not lost. You are only 28 and can start life afresh. There are many good boys out there.”
Namita: “But aunty, I am not going to leave Sharad. I filed a police complaint against him for recovery of all the gifts and money that I have given him. But he has some influence at the police station and they did not register my case. So tomorrow I am going there again with my lawyer.”
(All names in the narrative have been changed)


Written by Raju Bist

May 1, 2010 at 10:22 am

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  1. Sharad was not the first gold-digger – nor will he be the last. There are hundreds of Namitas out there. But sentimental fools that we girls are, we will never learn from their sad experiences.

    Sharmila Usgaonkar

    May 5, 2010 at 9:42 pm

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