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Sab kuch chalta udhar!

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Unlike others, I have had some very good experiences on Orkut.
I have participated in interesting discussions, received kudos for my photography and made life-long friends.
One of them came visiting her relatives here in Bombay and stayed with us from Thursday morning to Saturday afternoon.
It seemed like we have known each other for ages.
She taught my wife the wonderful art of preparing Hyderabadi biryani, went shopping with my daughter and bargained down the local shopkeepers and played Thumbfight with my little son.
And she regaled us all with rib-tickling examples of Hyderabadi Hindi:
Tailor: Side-aa maara na madam (I have stitched from the side)
Wife to husband: Baatan karo ji. Kaiko silent hain?
Husband to wife: Late-aa hora ji jaldi karo.
Shopkeeper to customer: Kaiko kirikiri kartey (Why are you arguing?)
Friend to friend: Utna scene nako karo (Don’t act big)
Autorickshaw driver: Ammaji kitna dete bolo
Couple out shopping: Yahan rate-aa phat-taa hain (Rates are very high here)
Guest at lunch: Aaahhhhhh… Bas hain jada nako (Enough!)
Driver to tourist: Brake-aa maartein. Horn-aa maartein. Sub kuch chalta idhar
Street Romeo: Mast-e-re ekdum!


Written by Raju Bist

May 7, 2010 at 8:40 pm

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