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Gyan from the bootpolishwala

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Sometimes you pick up gyan from the most unlikely sources.
Even as he was attending to my right shoe, my bootpolishwala greeted the customer being attended to by his neighbour, “Bahut dino ke baad, sahab?”
The customer mumbled something. I picked up the thread remarking, “Now that the rains are over, you will get more and more customers.”
But being the eternal journo, I didn’t leave it at that. As my shoes were being polished, I conducted a mini interview which went something like this:
“So, what do you do in the rains when there are very few customers? Do you come here every day?”
“We do but don’t keep regular timings. Tab hum apne marzi ke maalik ban jaate hain. We come to work only when we feel like it.”
“Don’t you start some other business to tide over the lean months?”
“No sahab, getting a municipal permit to start any new business is very difficult these days. Besides, uparwala do waqt ki roti to de hi deta hai.”
Then came the ultimate gyan:
”One should be contented with what one gets, sahab. What’s the use of chasing money? If you have noticed, in Bombay the people with most heart attacks are the rich. They make all that money and then worry themselves to death scared about it being stolen away!”


Written by Raju Bist

May 15, 2010 at 7:33 pm

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