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Delhi diary – 1

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Just back from Dilli and the first thing friends ask is: “So, how is the Metro?”
A few, quick impressions:
• Sleek, efficient, though now covering only a miniscule part of New Delhi.
• The first time we traveled, there was a technical fault and the trains were delayed. But to someone used to Bombay’s peak hour rush, the passenger backlog on the Metro seemed like a traffic jam in New Zealand.*
• The comfortable air-conditioning adds to the pleasure of the ride for many – like this young lady who slept throughout her journey.

• Compared to the Bombay suburban system, the Metro is expensive. You end up paying for a 25 minute ride what you would for a 60 minute journey in Bombay.
• Understandably, the locals are proud of their new toy and patiently explain the working of the plastic token system to outsiders.
• Had it been Bombay, the compartments would have been soiled – at least from the outside – by paan stains. That hasn’t happened in Delhi – yet!

* I once met an Editor from New Zealand on her first visit to Bombay. She was speechless after seeing the crowds and traffic here. ‘When five cars bunch up on a road in New Zealand, we complain there’s a traffic jam,” she remarked.


Written by Raju Bist

June 12, 2010 at 12:12 pm

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