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Of missing postmen and the lost art of letter writing

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“Has anyone ever seen a postman recently?” asked someone during a recent lunch break. The existential question soon had everyone participating in an extended conversation.
SM: The only time they turn up is during Diwali to extract their pound of baksheesh.
RB: Nowadays most high-rises have little post boxes on the ground floors for their occupants. So postmen don’t get to interact much with people who stay there.
LT: Or they dump the letters with the security guards of the buildings.
TM: Oh I remember a very funny incident involving a postman. It happened when I was in the 11th. We had given our mid-term exams without doing any serious studies. The principal suddenly announced that the results would be sent by post to each student’s house.
Some of us decided to catch hold of the postman before he delivered our poor results to our parents. Not in a mood to be surrounded by a gaggle of boys, he tried slipping out through the back door of the post office. But we caught him and sweetly told him, “Kaka (uncle) we are here to lighten your burden!”
LT: Good one! Even otherwise, we don’t get to see the postman so much because hardly any of us writes or receives letters.
RB: Very true. And courier packets are delivered each time by different delivery boys.
SM: But the hand-written letters had a charm of their own…I have still preserved my grandpa’s letters.
RB: Yup… And I have preserved those from my mausi and my very first pen pal in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.
LT: E-mail has killed the joy of sending and receiving traditional letters.


Written by Raju Bist

June 13, 2010 at 11:13 pm

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  1. Oh I remember his cycle’s tring tring that made me run down a flight of stairs. Same face for so many years… unfortunate that kids today miss out on so much of good things that are now a thing of past.

    Nice post, Sir


    June 14, 2010 at 2:32 pm

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