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Love story, interrupted

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Ranjit is the son of a small scale industrialist. Preeti is the daughter of a bank clerk.
They met in a cybercafe. Amidst clicks and downloads, love blossomed.
They went steady for a year and then planned getting married. Her family agreed. His objected.
“We are from Punjab. She is from Gujarat. She will not be able to adjust in our family,” his parents argued.
Ranjit and Preeti went around for another two years.
One day his father, Maninder, told him, “It’s high time you got married. We are going to look for a girl from our community!”
The next day, Ranjit and Preeti stood in front of Maninder and his wife.
“We will get married only to each other. If you don’t agree to that we will never get married for the rest of our lives,” they declared.
The parents relented.
Six months into the marriage, Preeti told her father- in-law, “I am getting bored sitting at home.”
Maninder called his childhood friend Trilok and got her a job in his chemical factory.
Preeti bumped into her ex-flame Haresh who was working there as a supervisor.
Old passions were re-kindled.
Late one night into the second shift, Trilok caught Preeti and Haresh in a ‘compromising position’.
Ranjit and Preeti got divorced.
Preeti and Haresh got married.
Ranjit now spends his evenings at the Exotica Ladies Bar.


Written by Raju Bist

June 22, 2010 at 11:59 pm

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