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Kiss and make up in Shivaji Park

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Cast of characters
Sharad: A handsome magazine photographer, resident of Shivaji Park.
Alka: A beautiful article clerk in a Dadar C.A. firm, Sharad’s girlfriend.
Michelle: A pretty Dutch collegian, in Bombay for two months.
Day 1
Sharad takes Michelle to the CCD (Café Coffee Day) in Andheri.
Day 2
Sharad takes Michelle to lunch in Khar.
Day 3
Sharad takes Michelle to the Poison nightclub in Bandra.
Day 4
Sharad takes Michelle to Matheran hill station.
Day 5
Sharad: Alka is not taking to me.
RB: Why, what happened?
Sharad: She is angry that I took Michelle to Matheran.
RB: But how did she find out?
Sharad: I tell her everything.
Day 6
Sharad: I managed to manao Alka.
RB: How?
Sharad: I sent her a SMS saying that I would start walking around the Shivaji Park maidan precisely at 9 pm and not stop till she came to meet me.
RB: And then what happened?
Sharad: She turned up in 10 minutes.
Day 7
Sharad: Hey RB I am going to take Michelle to the Falguni Pathak Dandiya Nite on Saturday.
Day 8
Sharad: RB, I want to buy a saree for Michelle. You think Alka will mind?


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  1. that’s why I say men will always be boys…!!


    July 12, 2010 at 10:00 am

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