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A teenager’s dilemma

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A teenager’s dilemma: Baat karo to musibat, baat nahin karo to bhi musibat! (Damned if you talk to them. Damned if you don’t talk to them!)
Narrator: Mahesh, a 19-year-old, smart, amiable second year commerce student in a north Bombay college.
Then: If Sandhya called, my mom would hover around while I spoke to hear, trying to catch every word of mine. Later, she would ask, “What were you two whispering about?”
Once, classmates Lakshmi and Gurpreet dropped in along with Trevor. After they left, Dad said, “You are grown up now and I don’t have to tell you everything. But remember – these days girls are quite fast. Be careful.”
My younger brother Vineet once ‘caught’ me talking to Ruchira from the second floor near our building’s gate. As expected he squealed to my parents.
That did it.
I stopped talking to girls.
Now: Yesterday, after I returned home, I found my parents waiting for me in the living room. Dad – surprise, surprise – sweetly took the college bag off my shoulder and kept it in the cupboard.
Mom rushed to the refrigerator and came back with a Coke can.
Then they made me sit on the sofa. They remained standing, their best smiles plastered on their faces.
Dad began. “Son, we got you educated in a boys-only school…”
I was zapped. What was he driving at?
Mom made things clear. “…But that does not mean that you should not mix up with members of the opposite sex.”
Aah… I got it!
Dad confirmed it. “We don’t mind if some of your friends are girls. But these days, why don’t they call you? Why don’t you call them? Why don’t you invite them home?”
Then the punch line.
“You are grown up now. You know what you are doing. And we have full faith in our son!”


Written by Raju Bist

August 12, 2010 at 11:39 pm

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