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Aarti maushi ki ajeeb kahaniyan

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Aarti maushi, our house help, is a repository of interesting stories, some sad, some funny, some inspiring, some wacky. Here’s one of them.
“There was this very poor farmer in our village. He had a long run of bad luck. Nothing seemed to grow on his land.
During one cultivating season some students from the neighbouring agricultural college visited our village. They advised the farmer to grow ginger.
‘Ginger? What’s that?’ asked the incredulous farmer. So they told him.
One season passed by, another came and went. The farmer continued to bemoan his bad lack.
Two years later, the agricultural students re-visited our village. They met the farmer again and asked him about his progress.
‘Progress, what progress?’ he shot back. ‘I water the plants diligently. They rise wonderfully but nothing grows on them. In the summer they wither away and die!’
The students laughed and asked the farmer to dig his land. Underneath, stretching for metres and metres, were healthy clumps of ginger.
The farmer sold them and for the first time in many years, saw a good amount of money.
He soon became an expert in growing ginger. He also hit upon a little secret – his ginger cultivation had been slowly creeping underground into his neighbours’ territories.
The farmer gradually started buying off their lands and growing ginger on them.
Today, he is the richest man in our village.”


Written by Raju Bist

August 20, 2010 at 9:30 pm

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