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Testimonials for Raju Bist Photography

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You are able to capture not just the facial expressions but the body language too and make everyday events seem interesting. We all see these expressions all round us but rarely do we find them interesting enough to take note of them. You are good at capturing the essence of everyday things.
Neelkanth Heights: Very clear, very sharply detailed pic.
Baby steps: Even though the kid’s expression is not visible, you seem to have captured the expression in his body language – the eagerness, enthusiasm and excitement that he can walk!
When the wheel of life comes to a standstill: Has the old, tired, out-of-shape look that most of us will acquire at a certain age.
Monsoon’s signature: The bright green of the algae and the ferns growing out of the stones is SO vibrant and full of life – just goes to show that when Mother nature decides to assert herself, even concrete doesn’t stand a chance.
Jahan chaar yaar: Has beautifully captured the bond between friends.
The Hero, Dehradun: Fabulous! The dog seems to have a baffled expression on his face – how on earth did I get here??!!
When nature paints: I wish we could see more of such trees… they always look as though nature is playing Holi.
The contemplator, Upvan lake: Very poignant, more so because it’s in black and white.
Proud salesman – I love it! Has captured the newness of the fabric!
Vashi, torquoise tower: Shows how odd it looks in its surroundings.
Night shift, Sion Circle: Beautiful pic – has captured movement in an interesting way.
Loner on the bench: A sad pic… as though life has weighed him down too much.
Gawand Baug: Stark… right out of a horror movie!
Evening prayers, Marine drive: Beautiful… the angle and the contrast between stone and water… and the woman standing there makes it all look very contemplative.
Old Customs House, South Bombay: Looks like a classic pic… of something long forgotten.
Bujho to zara?: A very good pic of a circular staircase… looks like a geometrical maze.
Post-monsoon 2010: Life asserts itself.
Morning walkers: “Yes…? Who are you…?”
Merrymakers at a wedding: Just look at those gleeful expressions!
New Delhi

It must have been really a great moment when you shot the Rajiv Gandhi photograph.

I liked the way you composed the Green Ganpati photo… beautiful!

The Hero… who says a hero can’t be cute and fuzzy? Totally desirable.
Jahan chaar yaar… evokes precious moments of friendship… of just being yourself… of knowing that you’re not alone against the world.
Naresh Babachi samadhi… testimony to a canny entrepreneur!
Night shift, Sion Circle is quite remarkable for freezing motion in an image.
Vashi Tower – lovely shape in a soothing colour.
Post-monsoon 2010 – Literally bursting with life.
Morning is here – Quite a self-explanatory photo. The title is what comes to mind on seeing it.
The potter’s pattern – Picturesque colours and shapes.
The honourable judge – His face displays very proper concentration.

I like the contrasts in this one… I think the pic wouldn’t have spoken so much in color…

When the wheel comes to a standstill: Evokes deep thought – signifies evolving technologies, making old things redundant. Lovely colors of peeling paint, enhanced by the fresh green and new shoots that show growth, change and new life.
Evening prayers, Marine Drive: Oh my God! Who can believe that this peaceful spot exists on one of Mumbai’s busiest roads! The quietly lapping waters against the stone walls brings out the serenity experienced by the Parsi lady in this composition.
Tutari: The man with his traditional headgear and ancient instrument could well be superimposed on a pic of Shivneri or similar fort – he seems out of place in this modern market setting. Nice to see tutaris and pipanis still being used in processions today.
New Delhi

It is often said that a picture is worth a 1,000 words, and I believe that Raju definitely has a very good understanding of the needs, and has the ability, to capture significant moments, without fumbling to select the right lens, aperture or shutter speed.
I really like the way Raju pictures the streets. No-nonsense photography, just the way I like it most – has a great eye for street life and portraits.
Raju, I like your photoblog. Keep up the good work.
Navi Mumbai

Your photos have a kind of innocence to them. The one with the title The Hero, Dehradun is awesome. Super composition! Keep up the good work.

Sooni Taraporewalla squinting to the sun… I love the stripes… good one!

I love your photographs. They are amazing.

This photo is just awesome! You managed to catch the puppy at the right moment. 🙂

One word for all your photos, Raju – Evocative. I especially liked the ‘people photos’.

Wheel of Life and Monsoon’s Signature are my particular favourites because of the soft mutedness to the green and blue and the play of light and colour in these two photographs. Continue clicking, every split second counts…
New Delhi

Your pictures illustrate your ability to employ your camera to paint a simple, unbiased tableau of urban Indian life.
Many of the subjects comprising your “contemporary photo-anthropology” have been drawn from everyday urban situations, with which you are very obviously familiar. Your photographs draw from the daily spectrum of the poor and the middle-class.
What is remarkable is that you have managed to engage many of them consciously, in the photographic dialogue between artist and subject, thus heightening the sense of drama in your compositions.
The images loosely and comfortably flow one into another, through various sub-themes, picturing social rituals and people (across class, colour and caste), in different locations, moving easily from the personal to the public, and back.
You have a good eye for singling out the ordinary, the everyday, and imbuing it with an aura of that which is new, untried and the experimental.
I enjoyed looking at your work.

Like the Kishore Kumar shot. Very very candid.
The shot of the building put me in a tizzy. I do not know much about photography, but I thought that particular picture could have a story behind it and that, I guess, makes it a good shot.
The Kohoj fort pic – the people look like they have lost their way and the water is their map.
The shot of the monsoon signature – I like the tag more than the picture.
Green Ganpati 2010 – love the idea, love the shot.
The Hero. How can anyone not love this? The pup looks like a king.
Keep shooting.
New Delhi

You’ve got a keen eye, Raju. And you know what will make a good composition.
Morning is here: The sun rays that brings rays of hope to so many of us. After all, it is a new day. Well captured!
Chhat Puja 2010: Lovely picture, Raju! I could almost smell the air thick of incense and diyas.
Navi Mumbai

I really liked When The Wheel Of Life Comes To A Standstill.
The framing is great and the photograph tells a story, or many stories. The fascinating thing about the photograph is that you can weave a past, present and future and make that wheel spin for yourself or for humanity.
Liked the rest of the photographs too.
New Jersey


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September 4, 2010 at 9:35 pm

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