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Learning from mistakes

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Last Saturday evening I shot a flower-tree-vegetable-garden exhibition show at the Gaondevi Maidan, Thane.
The photos have been uploaded here.
But this post is not about what I shot but rather about what I missed shooting, all due to my own stupidity.
Halfway through the shooting I realised that I had run out of storage space on my card. So I had to waste time in deleting old photos from the camera. Hence,
RULE NO 1: Approach any new assignment with a blank card.
A little later, I discovered to my horror that my battery level was dipping fast. Therefore,
RULE NO 2: Charge your battery to max before setting forth from home.
As a result of these two bloomers, I ended up wasting time and found myself getting irritated. The usual excitement I feel during any new shoot was missing.
But one learns from mistakes.
As soon as I had reached home and transferred my latest pictures to my comp’s external hard drive, I promptly did two things:
1) Formatted my card.
2) Charged up the camera battery.


Written by Raju Bist

March 9, 2011 at 10:36 am

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