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Eavesdropping: Lecture ka bahana

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As the local train neared an important station, the passengers inching their way to the door started getting impatient.
“Hey you, young man, yes, I am talking to you,” barked out a retiree with a long flowing white beard like Rabindranath Tagore’s. “Will you remove that huge haversack from your back? It is hurting me in this crowd.”
Without a murmur, without looking back even once, the young collegian slipped off the bag from his shoulders and held it in his hand.
Mission accomplished, the old man then went on a tirade: “Why can’t these young fellows hold their bags in their hands like everybody else does? And why should they use these stupid bags? What these boys don’t know is that excessive use of these bags will affect the nerves on their shoulders. They will not realise it now but will regret once they become a little old. I say, it’s just fashion and nothing else. There are so many other better options available but these boys are just aping their peers in the use of these silly bags.”


Written by Raju Bist

August 11, 2012 at 12:02 pm

Posted in Eavesdropping

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