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By invitation: More than a walk!

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Lakshmi Mahesh, who I love for her joie de vivre, recently posted this on FB. When I sought her permission to upload it on NOA, she replied, “Raju Bist, I insist you do! And show me!”
Here you are, Lakshmi…

Just returned from a 45 minute walk at 9 pm. Alone. Main aur meri tanhaayi. Peering into people’s homes at the cheery dressed up Xmas trees by the windows, smelling different aromas wafting out; very garlicky smells from one home, alcohol from another and something meaty bbqing fom a third. Comforting smells nevertheless, because I imagined families and friends gathering inside eating, drinking and making merry. Came across a beautifully lit up home, every inch of garden and roof glittering and sparkling.

Felt surreal until I saw the down-to-earth sign, from a friend of the family, elegantly requesting loose change to help with the lighting costs this year thanks to a 200% increase in energy bills due to the carbon tax. Every day people pulling out all stops to celebrate life.

I then happened to glance at the sparkling Swarovski crystal bracelet on my wrist. A b’day gift from my practical husband who never goes shopping. A gift the mum and seasoned homemaker in me contemplated exchanging for something more practical and less luxurious after my initial joy of seeing it. Until my 8-year-old worldly wise son said, “Mum, Daddy is just saying go ahead and exchange for what you want but see how his face is when he says that!”

Thank God “commonsense and being practical and desire to seek value for money” went out of the window and I kept it. The shiny bracelet, light turquoise blue, glittering on my wrist as I walked today, made me feel like a princess, much loved and protected. Yes, protected and safe. And very girly girly.

Just a walk for good physical health? Think again! A walk for a great body, mind and spirit!


Written by Raju Bist

December 21, 2013 at 7:48 pm

Posted in By Invitation

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