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The Dev Anand I…

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The Dev Anand I Knew


Raju Bist


Written by Raju Bist

April 28, 2012 at 9:33 pm

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A little matter of adjustment

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The MGL domestic gas pipeline developed a fault in suburban Ghatkopar in Bombay, the service was shut down and a housewife told her husband, “I am feeling so bad. How will you have your morning coffee now, along with the masala poha (mashed puff rice) you had requested?”
”It’s OK dear,” the husband replied. “It’s just a question of one morning. I will eat bread-cheese and wash it down with nimbu-pani. I will adjust”
But the wife persisted. “I know you like your breakfast to be piping hot. As it is, you have cold lunch in the afternoon at the office.”
So the husband told her a story.
“In 1972, a well-known producer-director-actor was being driven to his shooting locale in Meghalaya when his car developed a fault. It took a lot of time for the car to be repaired but the star calmly sat on a large stone by the highway, leisurely taking in the breath-taking scenery all around him. A magazine photographer (Palashranjan Bhaumick) who was accompanying him was amazed at the actor’s cool demeanour.
”In fact, he ventured to ask him: ‘You are one of the biggest stars in India. How come you are not throwing any tantrum?’ This is the answer he received: ‘How will it help? Arey bhai, yeh cheezein to hoti hi rehti hain. One should learn to adjust in life.’ ”
The wife was not convinced. So the husband told her another story.
”In 1998, the same star was shooting in the sand dunes outside Jaipur for a film of which he was also the producer-director.
”Since they were quite some distance away from the city lunch was delayed. Around 2 pm, when there was still no sign of the food being delivered and the cast and crew were getting restless, the star asked his production controller to request the neighbouring villagers for some food.
”When the food arrived, a young actor (Jas Arora) had one look at it and said, ‘No way am I going to eat that.’ But his senior, who had arrived in Bollywood 52 years before the young lad – and had launched many a Jas Arora – calmly continued digging into the dry roti sabzi the villagers had hurriedly rustled up.”
The much-established star, of course, was Dev Anand, all of 87 years young now, whose 115th film as an actor, 31st as producer and 19th as director, Chargesheet, is now being given the finishing touches.
In my short and happy/unhappy life (all of one and half years) as a film journalist, I had interacted with the evergreen star numerous times. I have many interesting stories to relate about my meetings with Dev Anand.
But lets leave those for some future blog posts.

Written by Raju Bist

August 14, 2010 at 12:15 am